Defense For Employers And Workers’ Compensation Insurers

Employers and workers’ compensation insurance companies do not want to leave workers without help when they get hurt at work. But they also don’t want to be taken advantage of due to false claims. If an employee is making a false claim, denial could still result in complicated, costly legal action.

At Summers, McDonnell, Hudock, Guthrie & Rauch, P.C., our attorneys understand the risks and we know how to defend you against legal action from employees. For nearly 30 years, since 1991, we have been handling cases of this kind throughout Pennsylvania. As a small, focused firm, we can provide effective, efficient resolution to workers’ compensation disputes and litigation.

Not Every Injured Employee Deserves Workers’ Compensation Benefits

There are many claims that come through that don’t meet the criteria for obtaining workers’ compensation benefits. Although there are many complications involved, the rules are clear. However, there are numerous ways employees try to take advantage of the system:

  • Making claims for injuries that did not take place at work
  • Making claims for injuries that simply do no exist
  • Making claims for injuries that occurred before the start of employment
  • Making claims that grossly exaggerate the extent of injuries sustained

Although it is important to make sure employees are taken care of, it is equally important to make sure employers and insurance providers are protected from abuse of the system.

Our attorneys have a track record of successful case resolutions. We are always ready to take a case to trial, and we certainly have the experience to win cases in court, but we only litigate when there is no other choice. Our number-one priority is to resolve our clients’ cases as efficiently as possible. As a small, focused firm, we are able to minimize overhead and get to resolution quickly.

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