Strong Defense Against Product Liability Claims

Every product that enters the marketplace has some degree of danger when used. When consumers purchase a product and something goes wrong, it often doesn’t matter how negligently they used the product; if they got hurt using the product, they can bring a lawsuit against the designer, manufacturer or retailer.

Someone needs to provide defense against these claims. A product liability claim has the potential to destroy a company in its tracks. At Summers, McDonnell, Hudock, Guthrie & Rauch, P.C., our lawyers understand the complexities of product liability law. We have been serving clients in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and throughout Pennsylvania since 1991 in a range of litigation matters, including product liability defense. Our attorneys will fight to protect your company and to find favorable resolution quickly and effectively.

Complex Legal Claims

  • Claims against designers: The engineers designing products run into problems when consumers claim that the design of the product was the cause of the injuries they sustained.
  • Claims against manufacturers: Claims of this kind arise when consumers think the manufacturers cut corners from the design or in some other way introduced dangers into the product through the manufacturing processes.
  • Claims against retailers: These claims arise from the duty of manufacturers to label dangerous items as such.

All of these claims involve complicated nuances and some expert knowledge. The attorneys of our firm have handled these claims before and we have built a solid track record of successful product liability case resolutions.

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