The Potential Perils of Post-Pandemic Business Operations

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2020 | Personal injury

With whispers of reopening the economy in the possible waning days of the coronavirus pandemic, businesses are getting ready to flip the “Closed” signs to the “We Are Open” side. Hard-hit establishments not known for social distancing, such as restaurants and movie theaters, are ramping up to welcome back their patrons.

With eagerness in resuming business operations comes significant risk to the very patrons they want to have back. While a certain level of “curve-flattening” has occurred, people are still contracting COVID-19.

The Ramifications of Reopening

A vaccine is likely an entire year away. Until one is approved, those grand reopenings could have severe and deadly consequences. Businesses have balancing acts to consider. Adhering to advice from health officials is simply not sufficient. All the precautions in the world cannot stop people from falling ill to any type of virus, let alone COVID-19.

While they want to generate revenues they enjoyed prior to the worldwide health crisis and retain staffing levels, companies rushing back into daily operations could be dangerous, if not deadly. The very customers they want to attract could be at risk.

The pandemic has created factions with some believing that the virus is overblown and others taking in all the news reports as gospel. Perhaps the one thing both sides can agree on is that businesses re-opening must take precautions to ensure customers that are not only loyal but also healthy.

Businesses falling short in the smallest way could result in personal injury litigation. Customers who want to resume their life should not do so at the cost of their lives.

Accusations of negligence could see area enterprises flipping back to the “Closed” side of their signs.