Defending Insurance Companies Against Bad Faith Claims

There are legitimate reasons for insurance companies denying or delaying in paying off the claims of policyholders. However, lawsuits from policyholders are extremely common. All too frequently, people facing insurance claim denials will immediately seek to sue the insurance company.

It is important to get strong counsel and advocacy through the process. At Summers, McDonnell, Hudock, Guthrie & Rauch, P.C., we have been protecting insurance companies against lawsuits of this kind since 1991. With offices in Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, we represent clients throughout Pennsylvania.

We handle claims involving:

  • Breach of covenant of good faith
  • Unreasonable delay in investigating a claim
  • Unreasonable delay in paying a claim
  • Unfair claim denial
  • Unfair settlement offer

Efficient, Effective Legal Representation

When defending against legal claims, our lawyers always take the approach of getting the result as efficiently as possible. In most cases, this outcome arrives by way of settling out of court. However, there are times when litigation is the only option. When this situation arises, our attorneys have a wealth of trial experience. We know how to defend insurance companies in court.

Our primary goal is to do whatever it takes to resolve our clients’ legal matters as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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